Reiki Healing Center | Reiki Healing India

Reiki Healing Center | Reiki Healing India

Reiki is a brilliant arrangement of vitality mending that will help you carry on a more adjusted, associated and happy life. My voyage with Reiki started 16 years prior, it empowered me to venture into an existence of much more noteworthy flexibility and self-conviction and this is the very substance of my practice.

What is Reiki ?

Reiki is an antiquated arrangement of mending that will adjust the vitality focuses (chakras) of your body and will unblock any examples or issues that have been keeping you away from carrying on with the life you generally seek.

Reiki Healing

Our sessions will concentrate on helping you to feel sure and ready to carry on an all the more full and dynamic life. Together we will concentrate on a mix of: 

Expanding your vitality levels 

Raising your self conviction and certainty 

Diminishing uneasiness and anxiety 

Adjusting your vitality focuses 

Making a more inspirational viewpoint

Reiki Healing Delhi | India

Rather than taking a magic pill and running from our problems, with Reiki we are able to truly heal from within. Our sessions will focus on giving you a greater sense of freedom, empowerment and happiness. 

Contact us - Address: J-7/80C, Nehru Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi
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